Thursday, June 28, 2018

Erika Powell

One source of inspiration for our kitchen makeover was a makeover Erika Powell did on her old kitchen years ago.  They removed some soffits and added in open shelves and painted everything.  Even though we didn't remove any soffits, her ability to make her kitchen into a space that better suits her without spending a ton completely inspired me.


But I just found out her home has been featured in Garden and Gun and apparently they did a huge addition and renovation in 2012.  Still love everything about her home.  All images from Garden and Gun.

I love that she kept some elements from her original kitchen redo, like the cabinet color and it looks like she reused the shelves around the flower sink.  It fits into its surroundings so well, and is so cohesively done.  I have always wanted an outdoor shower and now have aspirations to an outdoor tub too!  Love, love, love this home.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Something for Monday

This is the first summer in 25 years that I have not held down at least 1 full time job.  And I made the decision to make this the SUMMER OF FUN for my kids!  Which is great!  We are doing so much!  They are learning responsibility and time management (kind of).  But it's leaving me very little time for things like blogging, reading or writing them.  But I am kind of getting some things done around the house, little things, but still, so maybe I will manage soon to find some time to record them.  Until then I'm going to pretend that I have a corner like this to myself, maybe with a little Wi-Fi action.

Happy Monday!

Monday, May 14, 2018

Easy like . . . . Monday . . . . morning?

Had a fun filled Mother's Day yesterday, and the ORC is over so today I'm easing into the week.

Source Unknown

Happy Monday!

Thursday, May 10, 2018

One Room Challenge - Cottage Kitchen Makeover Reveal!

We are done!  This kitchen for the One Room Challenge was a close call!  I went into it confident that we would be done well ahead of time and for the first few weeks we were doing great!  Then the momentum kind of stalled out but we wrapped it up just in time.  Just a reminder the One Room Challenge was dreamed up by Linda, at Calling It Home, as motivation to complete a room on a tight deadline.  It has grown into an event that features 20 bloggers and design influencers and allows linkups by anyone with a blog, and House Beautiful serves as a media partner.

This is our fifth time participating with a guest link.  We have also done our laundry room, our front porch, our son's room, and our master bathroom.  I would not say that this kitchen was our most labor intensive but it was certainly our largest space so far.  We started with a circa 1990 kitchen and all that signifies.  Oak cabinets, nasty sheet vinyl floor, basic and boring lighting, and a need to keep a desk space, a piano, and a reading spot in here.

We started by removing some of the upper cabinets, and changing the placement of others.  Then we installed a beadboard backsplash and gave EVERYTHING a coat of paint.  Installed some open shelving, and put glass inserts in some upper cabinet doors.  Then we laid a tile floor, installed some bamboo blinds and switched out all the lighting.  The space is sooooooo much lighter and brighter now.  It's my happy place.  We still need to get some drawer and door pulls installed but I'm happy with it for now.

Now I have to try to get the rest of the house back together before summer break so we can enjoy it!

Thursday, May 3, 2018

One Room Challenge - Cottage Kitchen Makeover Week 5

We made a ton of progress this week on the kitchen makeover for the One Room Challenge.  We amazingly got the floor tiled, grouted, sealed, lights installed, cabinet doors mostly installed, shelves up, and appliances and furniture back in.  We really just have finishing touches left to complete, which is good because maybe I will have a little more time to check the progress of the featured designers and other guest participants!

Now for the sprint to the finish!

Thursday, April 26, 2018

One Room Challenge - Cottage Kitchen Makeover Week 4

This week with the One Room Challenge kitchen makeover has been a slow one.  Which is good because it's giving me more than 5 minutes to put together a blog post, but bad because I have no real progress to post about!  But let's back up, the ORC, for those who don't know, is a biannual event, started by Linda, at Calling It Home, motivating people to finish a room makeover in 6 weekly posts.  It has evolved to feature 20 bloggers and design influencers followed by an opportunity for anyone with a blog to link up and share their challenges.

This is our fifth time participating.  We did an overhaul of our laundry room, opened up our front porch, created a more mature space for our son, and fancied up our master bath.  This time it's the kitchen's turn.  Not a gut job, but a major freshening up.  We have removed some cabinets to make room for open shelves, moved other cabinets to more logical spots, painted those cabinets and the walls, installed and painted a beadboard backsplash, begun building the new hood, and installed most of the new lighting.  We still need to get the cabinet doors and drawer fronts reinstalled with new hardware, hang the open shelving, switch out the overhead light, tile the floor (dreading this so much) and shine everything up.  We are really ready to have this done so our dining room can be utilized again but I am loving the light, fresh feel of the kitchen and how great it looks as it opens to the living and dining rooms.

Back to work!

Monday, April 23, 2018

Silver Linings

It's a rainy Monday here but would love to be having a cup of coffee in this peaceful yard, knowing I had already accomplished some laundry!


Here's to a slow start and a productive week!