Thursday, August 17, 2017

Sweet Dreams

So, our little girl has developed a bit of a sleep problem.  After sleeping just fine in her own room for the last 3+ years she has recently taken to coming into our room in the middle of the night because of bad dreams.  This is taking a toll on my sleep so I asked her what would help her stay in her room all night.

When we redid her brother's room last fall she was quite put out that he got a chair in his room.  Since then she has been requesting one, which is fine because I have had one in storage for awhile that I intended to redo and put in her room.  She told me that if she had a pink and purple chair in her room she would sleep all night so over the weekend we went to the fabric store to pick out some fabric to reupholster it with.  She immediately zeroed in on a narrow pink and white stripe fabric so the plan now is to paint the caning and wooden frame of the chair purple and recover the nasty, old green velvet with the pink and white stripe.  I also found a remnant of a beautiful embroidered coral fabric that I hope to make some pillows of.  And we are going to get some new art in the room.  Some inspiration:



Phoebe Howard



Hopefully all of this will succeed in helping her stay in her room all night so momma can get some sleep!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Just Hanging Out

Wouldn't this be an awesome weekend hangout spot?  I think it might ease a lot of the sting of the work week!


Happy Monday!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Reassessing the Situation

School has started back now and work has gotten busy, so house projects have kind of slowed.  Which is good because I also think we needed a break from them.  But I wanted to look back over what I had hoped to accomplish this year and re-evaluate.

At the beginning of the year I hoped to get the garage organized, a dining room revamp done, both bathrooms made over, the master bedroom refreshed and the closet organized, and get some things accomplished outdoors.

So far we have managed to get both bathrooms redone.

And the master bedroom closet has been completely redone.

We also did a mini makeover in the foyer.

Going forward I am going to give our bedroom a little love this year.  I'm hoping the hubs can build us a new bookcase for paperback storage, we need some new hampers since the closet makeover, and I want to change out the bedding and work on some art.  Nothing big but hopefully it will all make the room feel more cohesive and not like an afterthought.

Trad Home via

I'm also hoping to do a very, very minor refresh in our daughter's room.  She has wanted a chair in her room since last November's ORC when we redid her brother's room.  We also have a dresser in there that doesn't see much use and she needs more (or better) toy storage so I am hoping to swap something out there.  I also think we may switch out some of the art in there to better reflect her.  What's in there now is stuff from my single girl apartments.


The dining room still needs to happen.  We have sconces in storage until my father-in-law can come help the hubs figure out the electrical situation in there.  And I hope to add some paneled wainscoting in there around the same time.


And the KITCHEN!  I really, really, really need for something to happen in there.  We have a large eat-in portion that we utilize more as a hang out and office space.  At one point I had things under control in there but it has gotten BAAAAAD again.  I'm hoping the hubs will build me some little freestanding cabinets to flank the desk area and store office and craft supplies.


The outdoor stuff will most likely be pushed off until spring because this list will take the rest of the year I believe.  So here we go!

Monday, August 7, 2017

Laundry and cleaning and groceries, OH MY!

Our weekend was spent with the usual laundry, cleaning and grocery shopping, but we did manage to fit in a casual dinner party.  If only my table setting was as exquisite as Maura Endres.

Happy Monday!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Southern Living Cottages

Southern Living has really been hitting it out of the park this year with the small space makeovers.  Two of my favorites were super small cottages built as accessory buildings to main homes.

First up, a 660 square foot cottage.  All photos from Southern Living.

Then there was the 800 square foot, more formal cottage.  Again, all photos from Southern Living.

I love these cottages so much.  I love the idea of their size even though that wouldn't work for our family at this point in our lives.  But they are just so simple and cozy that it seems like there would be nothing to stress over.  I aspire to that feeling in my home as well.  I guess I better start purging and decluttering!