Monday, January 30, 2017

Good day, Sunshine!

It was a long weekend and Monday morning came far too early.  Since the snooze button wasn't a possibility here is the next best thing!  Sunshine in a vase!


Thursday, January 26, 2017

Some Moody Inspiration

A few months ago I put together a plan for a mini makeover on our master bathroom.  We haven't gotten very far with it because, hey, life, but we have managed to get paint on the walls in the sink area.  We went with a deep gray that I found in the oops section of paint.  I liked it so I bought it, not even knowing where we would use it.  But then I started noticing that I am really getting into the dark colors lately.  All of the tiny rooms become cozy nests when you go dark.







And I know these aren't really dark but they have the same moody vibe to me.


And after we live with this a bit I am hoping I might be able to convince the hubs to go dark and moody in the dining room!  


Can't you just imagine the dinner party conversations you would have in a space like that!

Monday, January 23, 2017

Monday Blues

After a stormy weekend I would far rather be here:

Than here:

Here's to a productive Monday, off to work!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Porch Project 2017!

So a friend of mine who is not originally from the humid swamp land that is Savannah asked me for some help making her screened porch function well for her adorable family of 3 (soon to be 4).  A screened porch here is a wonderful addition to a home because the bugs, mosquitos, gnats, etc., will carry you off during the spring, summer and fall.  But everyone likes to get some fresh air!  So screened porches more than pull their weight.  But. . . with all the humidity things can get nasty fast as she learned when she used some baskets for storage out there.  They had also been making do with some camping chairs and were hoping for something more comfortable, that would really make them WANT to be out there.  So we came up with a budget and I put together some ideas to fill her needs for the space.

First up was a new screen door.  The old one was broken and not doing a great job of keeping the bugs out.  The house is pretty traditional in style but the owner has a more modern aesthetic.  So a happy compromise is a kind of Craftsman style door.  It's lines ring traditional and the streamlined profile meets a modern edge.  

She was looking to replace the "granny style" sconces that were already there so I put a couple of choices on there.  All leaning towards cleaner lines, the nickel one with the nautical flair is a nod to her husband's career in marine biology.

We tossed around the idea of a hanging bed swing, but the pitch of her ceiling made it a little impractical so the next best thing is a daybed!  Flanking it with two storage units will help corral toys and plants.  We have put them up on mid century inspired tapered legs to make sure there is adequate air flow to prevent mildew.  And a corner of the space that has the best view becomes a little hangout nook with two rocking chairs and a garden stool.  

She has ordered everything and the hubs is building her a replica of the bottom daybed so hopefully we can get that space together before true spring weather hits here!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Easy Morning

After a long weekend it is really hard to get back into the swing of a work day.  The early rising, the kids preparations, the commute.  But I like to think it would be easier if  my coffee was perking in a bright and beautiful space like this!


Hope everyone has a happy Tuesday and an easy transition into the workweek!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Garage organization

We have a long weekend coming up and while we should probably be spending it in service I have a feeling that we will probably be working on organizing our garage instead.  Both kids got some big outside toys for Christmas, bikes, scooters, a "gator" and we really need to figure out a good way to store them so they don't get in the way of opening our car doors.  And maybe we can get some of the old ones together and get them listed for sale!

Anyway, here are some ideas for garage organization that I hope to utilize in the space:

Hopefully we can get something serious accomplished so that the hub's building space doesn't hinder him from building!  I have some serious projects waiting on him this year!

Monday, January 9, 2017

Monday Morning Highlight

It is freezing (literally at 27 degrees) here in the low country this Monday morning.  Not the kind of morning where one really wants to drag themselves out of bed to hit the office.  But I know it would be easier for me if mine looked something like Emily's!

Let's do this week!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

2017 Home Goals

So, last year saw us get some things accomplished that hadn't been in the original plans, I'm looking at you floors, but we also didn't accomplish many of the things we thought we wanted done by 2017.  And you know what?  That's OK.  The floors were probably the best thing we could have done for our home, even if it did derail some other things.

That being said, this year I want to try to get a few more rooms finished.  The kitchen has been taunting me for a good year and a half now!  So have the bathrooms.  And some rooms really need so little done that I don't know why we can't get to them.

So, on the agenda for this year:

First up, we have got to get the garage organized.  When we bought the house an attached garage was a priority.  And not just so we had storage space.  We both knew that we wanted to park both cars in there.  And while we have accomplished that for the most part for the entire time we have been here (every now and then a project forces one car into the driveway for a few days), the tools, lumber, and toys are just thrown in there with no rhyme or reason.

I really, really, really want to get a makeover done on the kitchen this year.  Ultimately we may want to do something bigger but if I don't get some paint and open shelving in there this year I may lose it!
We bought some sconces for the dining room just before Christmas that I would like to get installed along with a new ceiling light for the foyer and the hallway.

The hall bathroom, otherwise known as the kids' bathroom, needs the vanity to be painted along with a new light fixture and shower curtain.  Maybe some new accessories.

I also want to get the master bathroom finished.  With the new paint on the walls, and the vanity painted.  Some new hardware and art.

When we get that done I also want to freshen up our master bedroom and get a new closet system in,  It's a mess in there.

The big projects will probably be outside this year.  My mom gifted us some money towards a fence this Christmas so I would like to get that up.  Along with that maybe some cohesive landscaping.  And I would really like to have an enlarged patio and pergola out back in time for summer.

I guess we will see what actually gets accomplished!  Wish us luck!