A Little About Me

I grew up on Tybee Island, a laid back little community just outside of Savannah, GA.  I now live in the suburbs of Savannah but can't forget my roots!

My entire adult professional life has been spent in various aspects of real estate.  After graduating college with an English degree I started in insurance and financial product sales.  I have since spent the last 12 years working in the appraisal industry for local government.  I also hold a real estate sales license but my passion is design and renovation!

I love beachy, casual, laid back design and the moody blues always get me.  I'm also a sucker for the charm of an old house.  Our first home was a true fixer upper of a bungalow, but we have since moved to a "nice, brick ranch" in the suburbs.  It needed some love too.  Thankfully my hubs is a willing partner in crime and is always willing to indulge my house crazy.  This is where I muse on all things home, share my work in progress of a home, and try to spread a little brightness!  Hope you enjoy the show!

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