Thursday, May 26, 2016

Little Things

We have two small children in our house so getting projects done is always interesting.  Normally I take kid duty and my husband gets project duty.  Sometimes though, I want a chance to do some of the work too.  This past weekend was one of those times and when I woke up Saturday I decided I was going to get our linen closet organized (again), and organize the desk area in our kitchen.  

For the linen closet I grabbed some leftover paint and slapped a coat on the walls, I'm not sure they had ever been repainted after the builder did it 25 or so years ago.  As I painted both kids wanted to help so it was really slow going but I got it done and let it dry and managed to get everything back in.


In the kitchen we had started letting everything pile up on the desk and were just shoving things randomly into the storage cabinets so I pulled everything out and off and set up some zones in the cabinet.  

These were such little things but they sure did make a difference in my level of stress.

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