Thursday, October 1, 2015

Finally finishing the bookshelves!

Over the long Labor Day weekend we finally got around to finishing our bookshelves.  We added some trim to the ends of the base to match some existing trim on our fireplace, and added mullion trim to the front of the shelf boxes.  We painted it all out in Sherwin Williams Snowbound, added some oil rubbed bronze pulls, and loaded them back up.

While we were at it we decided to add planking to the wall above our fireplace mantel.  It matches the back of the bookshelves now and we capped each end with more of the box trim to match the bottom of the fireplace.  We painted all of that Snowbound as well.  One day I think I want to try liming the bricks but for now the white is making the room feel so much brighter and more crisp than the former orangey wood tone.

My best friend came over for a visit and said she thought it was finally starting to feel like us.  I agree.  Now we just have to figure out what color to paint the walls!


  1. I'm just jealous of those bookshelves! We have a place in our house where we need them too but that project intimidates me. Love the planking over the fireplace....we did the same thing and I smile all the time looking at it. :)

    1. Thanks! We love them! And I can say they are easy but only because all I did was provide refreshments! (And some painting!) It all made our living room so much nicer and more cozy.