Thursday, August 18, 2016

Vibrant personality

When we found out we were having a little girl almost 4 years ago I was so excited to plan a sweet and delicate space.  Our boy is ALL boy, he has always loved trucks, and trains, and construction equipment, so I was ready for a change from all of that.  I wanted her space to be a little English fairy tale style girly, with pastels and florals, ruffles and faded tones.  That is the direction I went in with her nursery, we all know the nursery is for mom anyway.  I loved the space but as she grew I realized that delicate and subdued was not quite jiving with her personality!  She is dainty but the biggest indicator of her true nature was summed up by the award her ballet teacher bestowed on her, "biggest personality!"

When she moved to her big bed we were using that French style caned twin bed but quickly realized that on nights when one of us went in to lay with her that it did not cut it.  She is a windmill when she sleeps and went on a sleep strike for about a 2 week period not too long after we moved her.  We had found with our son that once we found the right size bed for him he became a perfect sleeper so we decided to try her with a full bed.  Even if it didn't work at least there would be more room for her and one of us when we needed to sleep in there!

Because that was an opportunity to get all new bedding and accessories I decided to take her sassy attitude more into consideration and went much brighter with her pallet.  We painted her headboard a bright watermelon pink, and found some bright and multicolored bedding.  This room suits her so much better and makes me happy just to walk into.  As I was taking pictures she came in wanting to help me so some of the closeups were captured by her, she's 3.  I love seeing the angles that she finds compelling.

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