Thursday, May 25, 2017

Summer at the Beach - Jane Coslick cottages

I grew up on Tybee Island, a barrier island just outside of Savannah.  In recent years it has gained in popularity and there has been a boom of new construction.  But at the same time a lot of the original beach cottages and shacks are being renovated.  One of the best re-habbers of these properties is Jane Coslick.

She is so good at keeping the original elements, and while updating the homes, not losing their originality, charm, and quirks.  A lot of these had modest beginnings and it's refreshing to see them maintain their simplicity even when surrounded by the newer "beach" version of the McMansion.

All photos from Jane's website.

A lot of the cottages she has renovated are available as rentals so if you are looking for a beach vacation check them out!  Tybee is always a great place to visit!

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