Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Year of the Bathroom Refresh

Well, summer has been loads of fun so far but not so much has gotten done project wise.  Which is absolutely fine because the kids are going to grand-parent camp next week so we should have plenty of time to knock some things out.

We are hoping to do a face lift on the main bathroom and redo our closet situation.  Don't know if both will happen but we are ready to go on the bathroom so I think that one should be a knock out.

Here's the plan, much like our master this is just a stop gap measure until we can do a bigger makeover in a few years.  We are going to be painting the vanity navy, adding some pulls/knobs, changing out the countertop to a nicer formica (relative, I know), changing out the mirror, and changing out the light.  Lipstick, friends, all lipstick.

The closet is a little more nebulous as it's likely we won't even have time to get started on it but seeing as my shoes are just a mountain on the floor anything will be an improvement!  Wish us luck!

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