Thursday, September 3, 2015

A Moment of Composure

The Nester wrote a post the other day on the benefits of having one sane space amid the chaos of life.  I have been thinking about that a lot lately since we still aren't completely unpacked or organized from our move in May of 2014.  We are busy people, with both my husband and I working full time day jobs, and with two littles (4 and 2) around.  Add to that church commitments, family, and a 4 year old who just started pre-k, and there is very little time to even get basic cleaning done let alone figuring out where the things that used to live in our walk in pantry need to go in the new house.


When we moved in my mom brought us an antique desk that had been in our house when I was growing up.  She thought it could be a nightstand as we needed those since our old master was too small for them.  Unfortunately it was a little too big for the space and wasn't the best layout, it's a flip top, but it was perfect as a drop spot in our foyer.  

Once we put it in place, I had to do a little decorating on it and eventually got a few prints that I had had for several years framed so that I could use them in the space.  

The foyer isn't used on a daily basis, we enter through the mudroom off the kitchen, and so the space stays reasonably neat.  When we first got it "together" I remember telling my husband how happy it made me to have one decorated space.  Never mind that the light fixture in the foyer is hideous and the inside of the desk is crammed with all of my stationary just stuffed in there.  This was my moment of calm and pretty in a disaster of a house.  

Having that one spot can sometimes help serve as a distraction from all I still want to do with the house.  It serves as a reminder to keep it intentional and that spaces do not all have to be done immediately.  Sometimes you do have to wait for the perfect piece to come along, or for the time to organize things, or a period when you no longer have small ones careening around corners and grabbing at every pretty thing you put out.  And that wait can be okay.

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