Thursday, October 20, 2016

One Room Challenge - Operation Bigger Boy Room Week 3

Yay!  It's that time again!  Linda, from Calling It Home, is once again hosting the One Room Challenge.  This is a platform allowing us all to follow along as 20 design bloggers redesign a space on a tight time frame.  She also graciously allows anyone with a blog to link up and share a makeover we complete during the 6 weeks.

This is my third time participating in the ORC.  Last fall we did our laundry room and in the spring we redid our front porch.  This time around we are working on getting our 5 year old's room more worthy of being called a big boy room.  And boy, am I so thankful we chose a simple, decorating and organizing project this time around.  This month is barely half over and it has been crazy so far!  Once again no real progress has been made, with the exception of a few purchases, most of which haven't arrived yet!

Yes, this makeover was geared towards making his room better reflect his personality and interests while also getting rid of the small child feel it still had a little of, but another crucial component was getting some real organization going.  He loves playing with Hot Wheels® and track but storing them is a huge pain in my neck.  The cars just get dumped in huge baskets and the track?  I have absolutely no idea, it just gets perched around the room wherever I can make it fit.  Normally at the ends of beds so that then I have to move it to make said beds.

A while ago I came across an idea on the I Did It! page of Better Homes and Gardens.  This cool lady had totally mastered the storage and display of all the cars.  We are totally stealing this idea and probably won't even be changing a thing.  If it ain't broke why fix it!  I mean, the idea is so good she now sells them!


And when I was trolling Pinterest for ideas on storing cars I found this idea for track storage.  It was pinned from the Hot Wheels® site and I can't follow it back so I don't have a complete source for the idea, but I definitely know how I think I am going to create something similar!

So now we are waiting on things to come in to start putting storage systems together.  And see how the bedding is going to look together.  But in the meantime I can't wait to see what everyone else have been up to this week!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Cassie! I hope the room looks good but most importantly I want my son to be able to keep it looking good!

  2. That car organization is genius! Now if only it worked for legos!!

  3. Love that wall car organizer. Can't wait to see yours!!

  4. Thanks Tara! We hope to get it together this week.