Thursday, October 27, 2016

One Room Challenge - Operation Bigger Boy Room Week 4

Yay!  It's that time again!  Linda, from Calling It Home, is once again hosting the One Room Challenge.  This is a platform allowing us all to follow along as 20 design bloggers redesign a space on a tight time frame.  She also allows anyone with a blog to link up and share a makeover we complete during the 6 weeks.

This is my third time participating in the ORC.  Last fall we did our laundry room and in the spring we redid our front porch.  This time around we are working on getting our 5 year old's room more worthy of being called a big boy room.  A large reason we chose this room is because we were hosting a surprise birthday party for my mom this past weekend.  We knew we were going to have a lot of people at the house and didn't want the kitchen or main bathroom, both spaces we considered, to be construction zones for the party.  And we knew that the stress of hosting would probably throw our schedule off some too, and it did as did the unexpected Hurricane Mathew at the beginning of the month.  I am starting to worry that finishing is going to be tight but I think we will get it done since it is all cosmetic updating.

We managed to get the new bedding on the beds in time for the party and our son was so excited about it!  We chose Ikea's Benrangel because of the color scheme and because he thought the bones were cool.  I figured I would keep it folded where only the stripes show but he pitched a fit and won out.  He has been sleeping on top of the sheets and quilt this week too because he says it's too hot with all of it (probably is) and he needs to be under the duvet, with his head as the skull.  Needless to say the new bedding is a big hit!

We also got the track storage together and under his bed and it seems to be working pretty well for now.  It is even making him want to play with the track more often.  Probably because he can see what he has!

This weekend is going to have to be about serious progress or we aren't going to have the room together in time for photos.  We still have to get the car and book storage put together and painted, finish getting art framed and arranged, and do a full cleaning and purging of all the little bits he likes to collect, his "treasures".  I'm not judging cause he definitely got that characteristic from me (#hoarder).  In the meantime you know I will be checking in on what everyone else has accomplished this week!


  1. Good luck Danielle. I love that fun comforter. My son smiled when I showed it to him : ).

    1. Thanks Delia! He loves it, it must be a boy thing!