Thursday, November 17, 2016

It Never Ends

So, this last week has been a blur and I haven't even had time to look at most of the other One Room Challenge participants.  My mom took the kids for the weekend so the hubs and I got serious and finished up the flooring in the two bedrooms that were left.

Finishing up a project though of course calls for a trip to Home Depot.  And I find it really hard to leave there without purchasing at least one thing that was not on the list.  And that normally leads to the creation of a new project!  This time was no different as I felt the need to check out the oops paint section.  I rarely buy oops paint as it is frequently not a great color, hence the oops, but this time I found two nice neutral shades, one a gallon and one a quart, for a very nice price.  I have no idea yet what I am going to do with the pint, but the gallon is going to be used in our master bathroom.

When we moved in the walls in there had been sponge painted or something with atrocious shades of beige, causing the walls to have a terrible texture, and the paint was beginning to peel in big chunks, almost like wallpaper.  To cover it the hubs and I installed tall bead board panels and then painted the walls above a pale gray.  Or so I thought.  As the paint was going up the hubs kept saying, this looks purple to me.  Turns out he was right, the walls are lightly lavender.  So that gallon of paint, which is a deep gray with undertones of brown, is going on the walls.  The bead board will stay white, and we are going to paint the vanity the same shade of turquoise as our front door.  Some new brass hardware will be used and we are going to install some new shelving.  For Mother's Day last year I got some Paris etchings that I need to get framed and hung.  A new shower curtain and I will call it done.

So hopefully we can get going on this next, but this weekend I plan on resting, hanging out with the kids, and hopefully catching up on all the makeovers I missed.


  1. Hi Danielle...another project so soon? Yes, I think you really need a little rest in between :) I love your design board BTW.

    1. Oh Delia! I think I have a sickness, I can't stop myself!