Thursday, December 1, 2016

Getting ready for Christmas

Growing up we always waited til just a couple weeks before Christmas to get our tree.  My mom was always nervous the tree would get too dry by the time Christmas arrived to get one any earlier.  For some reason though I always wanted to go get one the day after Thanksgiving.  I don't know if that was some romantic ideal inspired by books I read or what.  The hub's family waited until a little later as well, because they left their tree up into January.

We have a Christmas tree farm out near us though (which is a pretty big deal in southeast GA) and they open just before Thanksgiving and sell out fast.  Two years ago we tried to go a week after Thanksgiving and they were closed for the season.  So last year and this year we got ourselves together the day after Thanksgiving and headed to pick out our tree.  That of course means we were ready to really decorate the whole house, cause you can't get all the stuff out of the attic and leave the boxes around for weeks.  Decorating early works out well for us as well because our son's birthday is pretty early in January and I like to have all the stuff away by then so we can really focus on the fact that it is his day.

Some inspiration.




We got our tree up and decorated, started the dining room, I still want to do a little more on the table, and finished the living room.  As we were stringing garland for a card display our son decided that he was really digging the garland so we let him have the excess.  He spent the rest of the afternoon running around the house, saying, "I'm the decorating man!"  We have small chunks of garland all over all of our bedrooms!  But it's ok, he had a lot of fun and that is what the holidays are about.


  1. What style you have, Danielle! I am looking forward to seeing all your Christmas decorating in person in just a few weeks!

    1. You will get to see it all! Including the tinsel caterpillars scattered throughout the bedrooms! We can't wait to see you!