Thursday, December 15, 2016

On Simple Things and Mindfulness

I don't know what it is about this time of year, if it's the constant business or the promise of the fresh start that a new year brings, but I always begin craving simplicity around now.  I have a feeling it is a combination of the two, as there is always something going on for the holidays, plus our son's birthday is coming up so there is planning for that, plus it seems that many of his friends have November, December and January birthdays.  All of that plus I love the idea of a good reset.

Lately I have been really trying to dig down into this idea of simplicity and figuring out how to live the best life for me or for us as a family.  Now, I know that I will most likely never be able to fit my life into a tiny house, I like things too much, as do my children, and the hubs likes having his own space to "computer" nor do I aspire to austerity, but I have been reading back through a few blogs lately that are incredibly inspiring in their quest for what is real and authentic for them.

I discovered Janet Korff from the Country Living article on her beautiful home and love how refreshing her pared back spaces feel.  They are such a calming perspective on home making and also seem attainable.  She isn't hitting up the high end stores all the time, she is using natural elements and thrifted finds.  Her instagram is worth following as well!  All images from The Gardener's Cottage.

Another inspiration is Carmella Rayone.  I found her blog when I was searching for affordable counter top options.  The kitchen of her 665 square foot home is stunning, particularly in the context of a small home meant to provide the luxury of a more considered life.  All photos from her blog.

I hope to keep these women in mind as an influence to be mindful during this busy season of our life and to use them as a catalyst for some simplification in the new year once we have passed through this whirlwind time.

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