Thursday, July 21, 2016

More thrifting for the win!

So this has been a busy year for me, I just got my real estate license at the end of last year, have another, full time job, have two small (3 and 5) children and a husband and life.  Projects are slow because of all of this, so is down time.  But I managed to make time again recently to go thrifting ( I LOVE thrifting) and found some awesome brass lamps.  I had found one a while ago at the Habitat ReStore but they wanted $25 for it, which is probably reasonable, but not for me.  Luckily the Good Will near me had these today and I really love the urn shaped one.  The scalloped top and bottom kill it for me!

It helps that I got both for less than the one at the ReStore.  I haven't had time to get them cleaned up yet, or even remove the tags, and they definitely need new shades and honestly probably to be re-wired, but after a good shining they will be gorgeous!  Can't wait to see where they end up!

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