Friday, April 14, 2017

One Room Challenge - Cleaning up the Master Bath - Week 2

Well, we survived Spring Break and a week at Disney!  But it sure is good to be home.  And now we need to make up time!

Yay!  It's that time again!  Linda, from Calling It Home, is once again hosting the One Room Challenge.  This is a platform allowing us all to follow along as 20 design bloggers redesign a space.  She also graciously allows anyone with a blog to link up and share a makeover we complete during the 6 week time frame.

This is my fourth time taking part in the ORC.  In the fall of 2015 we made over our laundry room, in the spring of 2016 we redid our front porch, and then last fall we freshened up our son's room into a space more reflective of him.

This time around we chose to do a cosmetic refresh of our master bath.  We had started a few improvements to the space since we moved in but never made even finishing those a priority.  So the bathroom has been sitting kind of half finished, maybe a quarter, since we moved in.  Hopefully this will be the push we need to finish up with our hippie-glam space.

I thought we had pictures of the bathroom from before we moved in, but I can't find any that show the lovely sponge painted walls that were there from the prior owners.  Nor can I find any from our first round of makeover when we added bead board and a light gray paint that turned out to be purple.

But here are some from the other day, we have added the bead board, and started in on painting the walls a deep gray.

Now we just need to finish those walls, give the trim a nice unified coat of white, paint the vanity turquoise, add some new hardware, get the light fixtures up, get the new towel rods, shower curtain, etc up, and some shelves and art and accessories.  Whew, I'm exhausted just typing it.

So now I may take a break and check in on how everyone else is doing!  Good luck everyone!

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