Thursday, April 27, 2017

One Room Challenge - Cleaning up the Master Bath - Week 4

Yay!  It's that time again!  Linda, from Calling It Home, is once again hosting the One Room Challenge.  This is a platform allowing us all to follow along as 20 design bloggers redesign a space.  She also graciously allows anyone with a blog to link up and share a makeover we complete during the 6 week time frame.

This is my fourth time taking part in the Challenge.  Our first foray into the madness was our laundry room, then for our second we redid our front porch, and last fall we freshened up our son's room.  This go around we are focusing on our master bath.  This is not a full scale renovation but simply a lipstick on the pig kind of situation.  It's amazing how far some paint and new fixtures and accessories can go though!

We made a ton of process over this past week which is great since up til then we had accomplished nothing.  But we have painted everything that wasn't nailed down along with some that was.  Our walls have gotten a fresh coat of a deep charcoal color, the wainscoting and trim is now a clean and soft white, the vanity has gone turquoise, there was even some gold spray paint involved for some lighting and shelf brackets.  We are so close to being at the put-everything-back-together point.

So now it's time to get back to reassembling the room and catching up on everyone else's progress this week!


  1. Wow Danielle, your shower curtain is just divine and those brass accessories are gorgeous. Great job!

  2. Oh I'm loving the dark charcoal colour and it seems everyone is using a little bit of gold spray paint to liven up their decor. :-)