Thursday, June 23, 2016

While the kids are away. . . . .

Our kids went to grandparent camp this week (!) so we decided to tackle painting our living room and central hallway.  We had initially hoped to have this done so we could work on installing some new floors while the kids were gone but I have realized that once you have kids everything takes longer (totally worth it though!)

We have lived with swatches painted on the walls for probably close to a year now because we have vaulted ceilings in the living room which are too high for all of our ladders.  Luckily for us my step-father has some scaffolding that he loaned us for this project.  It is too tall to easily move though so we won't be finishing this painting up until tonight but I wanted to share our progress.

The kids come home Saturday so we need to finish getting this painted and the scaffolding down and all of the furniture back in place and together but it will be so exciting to have walls that are a color that we enjoy and aren't patchworks of samples.  Thanks Oomah and Opa!

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