Thursday, July 6, 2017

DeVOL Kitchens

OK, can I first say that I am LOVING all of the stove alcove's I have been seeing lately.  It would not work for the layout in my kitchen and that makes me sad but I love the way people are incorporating them in their homes.  Elizabeth Demos seems to be installing one in her new kitchen, and Lauren Leiss has done them, and of course there is Maura Endres.

But I am saying all of that to lead into some beautiful kitchens all courtesy of DeVOL kitchens.  Love all of their spaces so much.  Their aesthetic is so timeless yet also so representative to me of the modern country style that is everywhere.  Without being kitschy.

Love these all so much and I know that if we ever move odds are good there will be a stove alcove!

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