Thursday, July 13, 2017

Year of the Bathrooms Round 2

Well, we finished the lipstick job on our main bathroom.  And in celebration we started our next project!  We are insane.  But this bathroom situation really was just a lot of paint.  Except our new laminate counter didn't work out so the hubs built a new one from wood.  With a cute little shelf.  All of which we painted in marine grade paint.  And if I have anyone else ask me, "really, a bathroom counter out of wood?"  I may lose it.  Marine.  Grade.  Paint.  People.  It says not for use below the water line but a boat gets spray above that.  And my kids can be messy but surely not enough to fully immerse the entire counter top!

Anyway, pictures.  The room gets NO natural light and is an awkward shape so . . . . . .

It really brightened up the bath and has made it look more intentionally done which was the whole goal.  We will still probably be doing a bigger overhaul sometime down the road but I really hope this lasts us at least 2 years.

And now on to our master closet!  We really may be crazy. . . . . . .

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