Thursday, July 27, 2017

Shelved Plans

So, pretty much as soon as we finished the kids' bath my mom took the kids to her house for almost a week.  We don't know how to not have kids and actually do fun stuff so we decided to use the opportunity of two empty rooms to empty our closet and remake it.  I don't have any pictures of it as it used to exist but it was simply the standard wire shelves with a space for hangers attached.  An upper level was hung in a u-shape and the bottom rear of the closet had an additional shelf.

This Stuff
It was not particularly functional, I hated those little dividers that kept me from sliding everything all the way over as I looked for stuff, and the hubs felt he didn't have enough room.  I also kept some folded clothing in the closet in a wire drawer basket slide out thing from Ikea.  It worked, but not well.

So last time we were in Atlanta we stopped at Ikea and picked up 2 Rast dressers (which they DO NOT MAKE ANYMORE!!!!!) to create a built in dresser with shelving.  We got it all built, barely, before the kids came home.  Most things got some paint but maybe not as much as they would have if they were in a more visible spot, but it is what it is and it is fine for closet.  We have so much more space for everything.  We ended up with 2 rods and 2 shelves on the hubby's side and one full length rod and shelf and one 3/4 length rod and shelf on my side.  With the Rasts and shelving straight ahead when you walk in.

The pictures are pretty terrible, it's a pretty small space, and I treat it as a completely utilitarian one.  But it is soooooo wonderful, getting dressed in the morning is no longer stressful and we can completely see what we have.  So happy to have this project done!


  1. It looks great Danielle! I need to work on ours soon :)

    1. Thanks Delia! It's amazing how out of control it can get but also how much better is then is when you get it together!