Thursday, November 19, 2015

Ideas for a new master bedroom

So, a friend of mine moved into a new house not too long ago and decided that she wanted to redo her bedroom.  She has a pretty classic, slightly cottage, southern style but asked for a little help pulling things together.

The room isn't huge and has 2 off centered windows.  She just bought a new, dark wood bed that she would like to reuse but needs new nightstands.  She also really likes her green, lattice print curtains that she hopes to reuse as well as an upholstered armchair in a red and green paisley.

(a picture from the listing when she purchased the house)

I put together 2 ideas for her to consider and can't wait to see if she does anything like either of them!


  1. oooo! how fun I love when friends ask for help! It gets me out of my own shell and bit and forces me to be a bit different! Love your inspiration. The swan print is beautiful! Love the paisley mixed in too - they are going to love it!!!

    1. Thanks Lianna! I can't wait for them to get it done!