Thursday, November 5, 2015

One Room Challenge Week 5! The end is in sight!

For the sake of getting our laundry room done we have taken on Linda's One Room Challenge.  In 6 weeks we hope to transform this room into something functional and pretty.  And in the meantime we get to follow along with a bunch of other projects as well.

I am starting to feel that this should possibly be my husband's blog because other than coming up with the ideas, he is doing everything for this project.  I think it helps that this gets him out of "keep an eye on the kids" duty but he is really busting it on this.

Last Friday night my mother took our 2 year old daughter to spend the night at her house which meant that we could both put some effort into things Saturday morning.  And we got to sleep late!  (If 7:30 counts as late!)

Hubs got the sink cabinet fully installed and a wall cabinet hung above it, got the counter tops installed, built the pantry shelves and case, finished up trimming everything out, and got the sink installed.  The counter top above the washer and dryer isn't fully installed because we plan on using a peg system to hold it in place so that it is fully removable should a situation arise where we need to quickly get at the back of either appliance!

We have started some of the cabinet and shelf painting to increase our odds that the paint will have time to cure before we put stuff away.

This final week we have to focus on getting the wall shelf and rod over the washer/dryer installed and trimmed out, installing the faucet, finishing painting all the cabinets, installing hardware, and putting everything away!  It's a good thing we have the eleventh off for Veteran's Day!

During the little downtime we have this week you know I will be checking out what everyone else is up to!


  1. Wow! You guys got a lot done this week! I can't wait to see the reveal next week! Good luck with these last few days!

    1. Same to you! And I can't wait to see yours too! You will totally get it done!

  2. You're so close! It's coming together so beautifully!

    1. Thanks! We can't wait for it to be done!